It is discouraging to get to the point where no matter how long and hard you pump, your bottle of perfume is not surrendering that last bit of scent. How do you get the last half teaspoon out of there?

If it is a spray bottle, run HOT water on the spray hole for 10 minutes full force. Good Luck??

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Thanks for the suggestion, but no luck.

Ok- take a needle & stick it in the hole where the perfume comes out?

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You could do the needle in the hole trick, an alternative is to try a new sprayer from a different bottle. Just pull up the 1 on top of the bottle and put a new one on. More than likely it is just drawing up air slugs from the bottle and will not allow a steady stream of liquid to come out. Best to you.

I want to thank all for these suggestions. I tried them all and felt puffs of air when I compressed the sprayer top. Next thing I did was pump the dickens out of the sprayer, and after a couple hundred pumps I got liquid!

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wow interesting thanks for sharing