Rain Checks

My sister and I go shopping together. When we shop at Krogers, we take advantage of the sales, then take turns going to customer service for rain checks on items that are on sale now, but won’t be next week. For instance: 16 2 liter bottles of Diet Pepsi for 99 cents each.


I love rain checks too. But here (Vancouver Canada), only some stores give them out & only if they have run out of the item. I go to a local drug store approx 3days a week with my friends after we drop the kids at school & we always get rain checks for each other if something is out. The rain checks are good for 30days.

I go to CVS drug store quite a bit, I’m not sure if it is nationwide or not. If they are out of an item they will offer to give you a different brand. If you don’t want to do that, they will give you a rain check. Their rain checks NEVER expire.


I didn’t realize that was CVS’s policy! Thank you so much for that info Rosemary :heart:

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