Still unemployed?


I worry about losing my job a lot. So I appreciate Penny Hoarder and the articles about this topic.

Which made me think:

What are things around us that can help? I know half my apartment neighbors are bonkers - always screaming at the kids or threatening their roommate or wife. So I don’t like neighborhood web groups. Additionally half our neighborhood hates the other half due to different income levels.

I am not super religious person so please take this with a grain of salt if you are not religious. Why not join a church or temple? This has been a way in the past for people to help each other.

There are also lots of civic groups - and mind you I am a very snarky person. But it is good to know others who might help. Even the Knights of Columbus - although their reputation in my area was of spaghetti dinners and drinking - these groups were created to help the community. Your area group might have a better reputation.

Shoot - volunteer at a food bank. Then you know when the good stuff is coming in. Philadelphia also has a lot of groups and community organizations. It has the Philadelphia Unemployment Project.

If you are like me it might be time to put the snark aside.

I know someone who was homeless for 1.5 years. And do you know why it took so long for her to get help (she wasn’t on drugs or alcohol). No one told anyone there was a housing program for homeless people in the area. You would think they would let people in the shelters know!!! I think they didn’t want to spread the information around because they were overbooked.

What other ideas do people have about their community? Knowledge is power.

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One of my other mottoes is if you need something look at where the rich people are going - they always get first dibs. Just look at the schools and hospitals. The big hospital around here even has a separate floor for rich people so they won’t get any dirt from poor people.…ket-problem.amp.html