What YouTube Channels To Follow?

Hey everyone, new here.

Anyone know of any decent YouTube channels when it comes to financial advice whether saving, investing, or making?

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I personally like watching Graham Stephan and Andre Jikh for finance related videos.

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Joseph Hogue is a good follow. The lets talk money show. He’s really sharp. Good information about the stock market and everything else.

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I love The Budget Mom on YouTube and Instagram. I also follow her budgeting methods. ?

Dave Ramsey!

Let’s Talk Money

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I like Pete the Planner.

I also discovered The Budgetnista recently.

Currently: Frugal Jo, Money Mom, Under the Median, and occasionally Prepper Princess. These are not investment folks, but money savers if that helps.

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Graham Stephan is really good. Most of his advice is just ‘don’t splurge money’ and ‘dollar-cost average into the S&P 500.’ So if you internalize those 2 lessons you pretty much can skip the vast majority of YouTube channels (for financial advice, but you might want to keep binge watching for entertainment value lol).



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