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I know there are plenty of youtube videos and blogs on passive or side income but I wanted to condense it here. From my experience, most of these videos or blogs are pretty unhelpful for two reasons.

1. they tell you things like, download this app and make $50 a year, (not enough money to make a difference) or 2. they list the obvious ones like go drive for Uber or Lyft. Great idea I would have never thought of that on my own. 

This is my shortlist of four effective ways I have found that you can make at least $100 per week. 

Sell on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. 

Go on to Craigslist and look at the FREE section. Look for stuff that is cheap or free and you think you could resell. This takes some times but you can find some real gems. Then list them for sale back on Craiglist of FB. I ounce found a soft-serve ice cream machine for $400. I turned around and sold it for $1100. 

Rent your car with - it's like Airbnb but for your car. 

Rent out extra space with They let you make money every month by letting someone else store their stuff at your place. Trailer pads are great for this. 

Get paid to listen to your favorite podcast. Work part-time or full time remotely whenever and wherever with  You can make as much as $1500 a month They are an audio transcription service business. 

Let me know if you need any more ideas. 




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lismox posted:

I would add check the gigs & etc. section of craigslist to see if you can do focus groups. I also found a smallish part-time job on next door walking flyers for a real estate company around to people's houses. It's great exercise and I make a little extra money, even if it's not a lot.

Yes thank you for mentioning the gigs section. I know people who have found phone book delivery jobs on CL. They walk around to businesses all day just dropping off phone books. 

Jeanne Featherston posted:

I love the idea of selling things you've gotten free!  A woman I know scours the clearance racks at Target and sells them on the Facebook Marketplace.  For instance she'll bundle clearanced dollar picnic items and then sell them.  The worst that can happen is we'll have a fun gift on hand when we need it!

That is awesome good for her. I might have to take a page out of her book. 

Good input here.  My daughter and her husband are just getting started, and need a healthy wage to get on top of medical bills (both have problematic health), and get financially established so they can begin a family.  She has done "cat sitting" with some success, and paid the car insurance this month with her on-going "garage sale" on Facebook! She is doing house keeping 2 times a month for an older lady with health problems, and sells luscious smelling lotions (Bath & Body Works types) too.  All this on the side of a full time job.  I noticed that the 2020 Census still has the shingle out for Census takers.  Do you enjoy children and teaching, but don't want to be locked up in a room with 30 rowdy kids every day?  Choose your subject(s), your hours, and offer your services as a tutor!  Some places require a license to tutor; check out your local laws before you start. Ie: One summer, my daughter and I tutored a brother and sister of elementary school age for about 5 weeks.  My daughter  was 12 at the time; I home-schooled her, her little sister and older brother.  The children we tutored were a couple of years apart in age and grade and both accelerated at an incredible rate! They went from being some of the slowest students in their classes to head of the class within the first two months of school! That set them off to a great start and they remained that way as long as we knew them.  Another idea: when my husband and I were young (around the time of the Flintstones!) we earned money while we were in college.  The investment was low: 1) a quality squeegee with extender pole, 2) quality window washing brush with extender pole, 3) a bucket, 4) a bottle of ammonia [1/4 cup per gallon of warm water] 5) a generous squirt of Joy dish soap (per gallon of warm water), 6) a couple of lint-free towels for needed spots.  With a generous dose of elbow grease and a winning smile this provided groceries, gas, and other needs as we cleaned residential and business windows!   Well, there's my 2 cents...though nowadays I suppose it would be a quarter's worth. 

Hi Lena,

I am in a wheelchair too, so can only relate what I've done in the past. But...!

You could still tutor a child from your wheelchair.

Do you sew, crochet or knit? You could sell  those things, and/or teach someone else to sew/crochet/knit.

Do you write?  You could Freelance; or the local newspaper may need a column writer.

Do you read aloud well?  Some companies need readers for audio books.

Do you draw or paint?  You could teach others to use art skills.  You could create something and sell it.

It depends on how much energy you have, of course.  I pray you'll find the solution you need, Lena.  Hang in there!

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