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Nicole posted:

I would love to participate in this! 

I have 3 birthdays to buy for in January that are in my budget already.  

Sometimes the after Christmas sales are tempting.....

I know! They are so tempting! It's good you already have the birthday gifts in your budget. I'm actually working on my budget for No Spend January now! 

Check your local library for free activities as well as free video & book rentals.  I just signed my boys up for a 'Reading with a Dog' program for 5weeks.  They read & play games with a teen buddy for 45mins & get to read & interact with a therapy dog for 15mins one on one.  They love it! (the library is walking distance from my house too!)

Also, if you have kids & live near a Lego store, check out their free activities!  They have a free mini-build each month for kids 6-12 and the kids get to take the lego item home for free!  

If you live near a Bass Pro or Cabela's check out their free activities for kids & adults as well.  My kids love the free archery classes and have received some great gifts while there like umbrellas, free bowling coupons, mini lanterns, free meal coupons, crafts, etc.

Want to go see a movie at the theater but it isn't in your budget?  Check the contests in your area for free passes to the movies, places I usually check are radio & tv station contest pages.  They usually have contests for other events in my area too!



Grocery Spending -  check your pantry, cupboards & freezer and then make a meal plan for the week using what you have on hand.  I will be using some left over turkey & ham for salads this week, individual turkey pot pies will be prepped & frozen for future meals & saving the bones for soups. (Currently in the freezer waiting....)

I just got here and the month is almost over but we have had a no spend January and it has been a really easy thing to do and great after a fall of spending. My birthday was this month and we went to a movie then celebrated at home . The nasty weather  helps , aside from movie we have only spent on needs and enjoyed time warm inside together this month.

I'm implementing a No Spend April (February has some pet and car expenses and I'm doing a strict Keto month; March is spring break and birthdays). I'm Iooking forward to thinking outside the box on social gatherings (like hosting a potluck night) and weekend outings (picnic at local park, finish a few craft projects we already have the supplies for).

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