Have any of you used the Acorns app before? It's an app that takes the extra change from your purchases and then invest that money for you. A friend mentioned it to me, just wondering if any of you could offer some tips on it.

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@BJLEE I have been using the Acorns app for well over a year now and I will just say that it is my least favorite of all the investment apps out there.

I have changed my investment strategy from "aggressive" to "conservative" and still since day one I have always been in the negative.

It has been doing better since I switched it to "conservative" but it still has not made back the money I lost.

Since it is a "robo-investor" you don't have much control over it and it really does not do a very good job at investing in my opinion.

On top of that, the fact that they charge a monthly fee of $1 means that I have already paid over $15 for the service and have gotten no returns.

I have considered simply quitting using it many times but I am hoping I will go in the green at some point.

The only reason I would recommend it to people is to get the free $5 they give you for opening an account, but if you don't see results after a couple months, it probably won't be worth it.

I use another "robo-investor" that has gotten me much better returns (around 20%).

I signed up for Acorns and Stash at about the same time. I stayed with Acorns for a little over a year, but I decided to quit using them for a few reasons: 1) I did not like the returns, they were always negative. 2) I had very little control over what the app chose to do. 3) This was the deciding factor - customer service is terrible. They take forever to get back to you. 

I'm still with Stash and very happy with them. I would happily recommend that app.

@TheSugarFreeLife it was the exact same thing for me. I love Stash.

I personally think Robinhood is more complicated because you have to choose the stocks yourself and you have to purchase a whole stock whereas Stash allows you to only purchase partial stocks.

@BJLEE my favorite, that I have used for years and has gotten me around 20% returns is WiseBanyan. This is my top recommended robo-adviser


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