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I am new here. I have several $1 bills saved up thinking/hoping they may have more value that their $1 face value.

Does anyone know how to find out if what I think is a collectible $1 bill is and/or how to have a realistic worth to be able to potentially sell to a collector (EBay?)? 
I have many that are, what I think, matching some of the collectors' wants (i.e. low serial #, quad numbers etc...)

Any input would be great! i would like to either use or sell as soon as possible!


thank you in advance**

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I believe that the $1.00 bill will become obsolete just as the $2.00 bill did. I have been keeping several small stacks of this particular denomination in case it ever came down to it being taken out of circulation. I'm not sure how much the

bill itself is valued at at this present time, but I believe it is far less than one dollar. 

@MsKimberly I've heard some of our legislators talk about this subject in town hall meetings and in other small gatherings. They would like to have bills in denominations of $5.00 on up to $100. They have said that even the "fiver" is almost an obsolete denomination. I don't know how they would do it, as so many low-income workers use $5.00 bills constantly. 


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