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If you've used MyPoints, what was your experience like? How much money were you able to earn on it? How does it compare to other survey sites?

If you have used MyPoints and want the chance to be featured in a Penny Hoarder article, let me know! 

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I signed up for My Points a long time ago but then I must have forgot about it because I just checked back and apparently I didn't even confirm my email address to activate my account.

I think my main reason was it does look similar to some other survey sites I have used and I wasn't really sure if it was worth it.

Because you mentioned this I went ahead and signed up again to try it out and see if it is worthwhile.

@Briana I will be sure to keep you in the loop.

I am really liking Credit Sesame so far because it gives me a really nice overview at how I am doing financially when it comes to debt.

I have been considering taking their recommendation to sign up for a card to increase my debt to available credit ratio but since I just paid off a major balance I think it will put me below the 10% usage that they recommend. If that is the case, I technically wouldn't need the card and I am interested to see if they will recommend something different.

I did run into a small issue trying to see if I was "pre-qualified" for any personal loans. I am not really looking to get one I was just curious how it worked. I filled out all the info and clicked submit and it gave me an error and now when I go to that page I get a  blank page.

Other than that I like it so far.

I use both Swagbucks and MyPoints.   I like both of them and they are fairly easy to use.  Swagbucks has more offers and each swagbuck is equal to a penny when you cash out.  MyPoints payout is different as it is 3970 points for a $25 Paypal deposit so it is a bit deceptive when you are earning points until you calculate that each point with MyPoints is $.006.  

I saw that you asked if anyone has used My Points. I have been a member for 20 years. For the first ten years I was more active. I earned gift cards for family members and also used gift cards to get fertilizer for my garden. I haven't used My Points as much in the last ten years. They have videos to watch and surveys to take and it really fun to watch your points grow. You can even donate points to different charities. I really have enjoyed using My Points over the years.

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