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My experience with Aspiration has not been what I expected after following advise using Penny Hoarder. Yes it's true about the free atms but the cash back is not true. They actually take a small amount of your money every 2-3 days $2.78 & $3.14 for example and it goes towards planting trees. I'm all about saving the planet and I've been reading the Penny Hoarders different blogs since 2014. I actually love it. But this bank be very careful. They will not allow you to close your account unless the spend and save account goes to 0.00 but if it gets this low funds are withdrawn from the bank that you used to make your initial deposit. So I have to close that account completely. I had it for years. Hopefully this will help someone.

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I closed my account after receiving an email that unless I use direct deposit and debit card they were going to charge me a monthly fee.  I was using solely as a savings account.... no thank you... closed account and was told via email I would never be able to open another account with them.    I'm good with that.... not worth the headache or fees.

I have been using Aspiration for quite a while now and have not had the same experience.

I use it primarily for the savings account and have not been charged anything the entire time I have been using them.

I am on the "pay what's fair" plan and I simply set it to $0 because I don't think it should cost anything to save money.

I would say if you are being charged, you should probably check your settings as there should be a way to not have to pay anything unless you sign up for the premium subscription.

It’s a shame because one aspiration first whatever time on the Penny Hoarder, they were offering a really fantastic account.That has changed over the three or so years I I’ve had an account with them. When I first joined, they would reimburse all ATM fees, no matter whether I used an in network ATM or not. That is no longer a perk of this account. Also they used to offer free cell phone insurance as long as you paid  your cell phone bill using your Aspiration account and that’s no longer a benefit either. Like the lady above, I experienced them taking money to plant trees also but you  can change that in your settings and they will stop doing that. I don’t use them as my primary account because every other bank these days allow you to get paid a couple days early when you get direct deposit but aspiration does not.  

I’m thinking of using Chime primary bank account now does anyone have any experience with them?

@lisaloo I have been using Chime for a couple years now and love it. I use it to get paid from all my side hustles. And they have lots of free ATMs including the ATM at the local bank I use. I also have their Credit Card which let's you use your money in your account to build credit. They are running a nice promotion where if you sign up and get a direct deposit within a month of $200 or more, you get $75, its normally $50, let me know if you would like to use my link (not sure if this promotion is available without a referral but you can always check on their site)

I use Chime. I use it as my primary bank. I do have my Social Security check direct deposited every month. They even have what’s called spot me. If you are short funds you can debit can up to $20 and there is no overdraft fee. There is absolutely no fees associated with the account and there is no minimum balance you need to open a account.

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