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I recently opened an account with Ally Bank.  I've only had to call customer service twice but already noticed that call wait times are significant.  Has anyone else experienced this (or other customer service issues) with online banks?  The need doesn't come up often to converse with a human at a bank -- but when it does (and it comes to your money) it's nice to know it's not difficult to get support. 

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@Theodora I use quite a few different online banks and investment apps and in my experience, it can vary from company to company.

Some I call and get right away while others have long wait times.

One investment company got rid of their telephone support completely and now only communicates via email.

With a lot of financial institutions (banks, insurance, etc.) they tend to fall short when it comes to providing quality, quick customer service. That is one of the perks of having a local bank where you can go and talk face to face.

It is sad, but while some provide overall decent support when you actually get them on the phone, it can take quite a while to do so!

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