Hi everyone. I joined The Penny Hoarder because I saw an article about Banks with no monthly service fees. Well I have two more banks to offer. Key Bank and Woodforest Bank. I have checking accounts at both banks and I pay ZERO in monthly fees. I don't believe either bank uses the Chex System ( I hope that name is correct) because I have a POOR credit rating and I got a checking account at both banks without any issues. Oh I just checked and the checking account I have at Woodforest is for those 55+ years old. The one at Key Bank is called Hassle Free because you receive a debit card but no paper checks and it's for anyone not just us seniors. And again both have ZERO maintenance / monthly service fees. Hope this is helpful.

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I had a Banker at Citizen's Bank tell me that they did not participate in that system either, but that info is about 2 years old so I'm not sure its still the practice. 

Savings Bank of Walpole is the bank I recommend to every one local, as it is a GREAT bank and has accounts with no fees. 

I'm a huge proponent of credit unions. My local credit union has no fees on our monthly checking account, and there's only a fee on the savings accounts if the balance dips below $200. Credit unions are owned by their members, and not shareholders, and they've always been a good fit for me.

Welcome to the community @Della D and thanks for sharing those banks with everyone.

For those looking for a fee free bank that is not location specific, I have been using the Chime banking mobile app for quite some time and I really like how flexible it is.

I use it to deposit my side gig income and to keep that money separate from my personal money and income.

They don't charge any fees to bank with them, they have thousands of free ATMs and they offer a savings account that gives a decent interest rate.

@Rose Ann Balili welcome to the community as well. I look forward to seeing you around!

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