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Has anyone waited out the 10 years after BK and seen an increase in your credit score once that mark drops off? If so, how many points did it raise as a result?

I am very close to losing this black mark and actually it has already fallen off of my Transunion report, but I did not see any change in my credit score. I am wondering what other people may have experienced.

Thank you for a moment of your time!

Leslie Kay

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Good morning @Leslie Kay! Once it falls off your credit reports, you'll probably see an improvement to your score within about 30 days. Just how much your score will increase could vary pretty widely, but I've heard a lot of people say that they've had increases of 50 to 100 points after a bankruptcy was removed.

Would any community members be willing to share their experiences on this one? @Tony Wahl Do you have any additional insight?

It's a great question, @Leslie Kay. It is possible to have an excellent credit score even with a bankruptcy on your report. That's because most scoring models focus on more recent activity, usually the last two years. So if you've been actively rebuilding your credit since you filed for bankruptcy, you may not see a significant increase when it drops off your report.

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