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I think 'Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits' is a good way to go about finding deep-in-the-value kind of stocks. I also recommend learning how to do DCF and doing financial valuation of companies and learning how to read their balance sheets, PNL, and each stock's 10-Q or 10-K.

However, I think picking individual stocks is a bit risky and even with all the effort above, it's quite unlikely you'd beat the S&P 500 statistically speaking.


I have bought individual stocks with out a broker for 40 plus years.  There are many excellent cos. that raise their dividend every year.  They can be looked up on the internet under "aristocratic stocks."  Many of them allow you to reinvest the dividend to buy more shares or partial shares. Once I turned 65 we began converting  the dividends to come to me directly.  Some days I do not get any checks but yesterday my dividend checks were $200.00 plus, and today the total of my 5 dividends were $360.00. My husband and I do not work outside our home.  Many of our friends must continue to work. This was my goal in my youth! I honestly bought my first stock at age 9. You are never too young or too old to invest in stocks. My first stock was AT&T. It was and still is a good co.

I buy stock directly. You can ,too. I got my start by subcribeing to Charles B Carlson's Drip Investor.  It is a monthly need $500.00 and phone 800 351 7221.  Procter & Gamble will cost $250.00 to start and phone 800 7426253.  You can find more info on Carlson's web site Once you have purchased your original investment in a stock, additional investments can be as low as $25 or$50. You can invest more at a time. There is a big book  Dividend Reinvestment Plans , that can be purchased by calling 1-800-233-5922.  No, I don't work for the co. or get a kick back if I refer someone.  I did get  my Oct. news letter today. I found this info in my paper recycle bucket while I was typing my response.  Good Luck.

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