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While sadly I'm a few years off from being able to score on any senior discounts, I thought I'd share this article from The Penny Hoarder that is stirring a bit of buzz on the internet: 75 of the Best Senior Discounts for Food, Entertainment, Travel and More.

I had no idea you could receive discounts on groceries, airfare and even your cell phone bill. Looks like it can all add up to save some serious money, which of course is pretty sweet.

Do you take advantage of any of these discounts? If you're not quite 55, are there any discounts you always take advantage of?

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I am not a senior yet but have been getting discounts on tons of things for more than 30 years just by asking. The worse they can say is NO.

Free flights, free upgrades on flights, rental cars, hotels, and discount cell service. There is more free and discounted things I get through my U.S.Government job. I have not tried the discount on groceries yet. Credit card companies give discounts/rebates, as well as insurance companies.

All one has to do is READ the fine print, ie on websites for the company's product you use.

I did not click the link.

You're speaking my language, @Will S. I started asking for discounts once I reached 50 and wasn't very successful, but once 55 came, I immediately started taking advantage of the senior days at Kohl's, Ross Dress for Less, Kroger's, Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Luby's, etc. I'm shameless...I ask every home service company, whether they advertise it or not, for a senior discount and usually get it. And, then there are AARP discounts (15% for Denny's) and AAA discounts.

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