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@Thomas R. -- earlier this year, I read "Napkin Finance" by Tina Hay, which breaks down various money topics using infographics. It's great for visual learners. I also read "Broke Millennial Talks Money" by Erin Lowry this year, which was a really good book about having financial conversations with different groups of people in your life -- your co-workers or boss, your friends, your family members and your significant other.

I also crowdsourced book recommendations from this community in the past, and here's what people said were their favorite books about money:

@Thomas R. Can't wait to hear everyone's suggestions! Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order.

- "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel. It's a super interesting read about why we don't make rational decisions with money and how we think about money in terms of numbers when there's actually so much emotion involved.

- "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" by Burton G. Malkiel. Probably the best book I could recommend for someone who wants to learn about investing and how the stock market works. When you finish, you'll be able to speak Wall Street!

-"Broke Millennial Talks Money" by Erin Lowry. It's not just for millennials! It's a really helpful guide for how to handle difficult money conversations. P.S. My colleague @Nicole D. led a wonderful book club discussion with Erin Lowry earlier this year.

-"Pound Foolish" by Helaine Olen. This one is about some of the myths that are peddled by the personal finance industry. As someone who works in the business, I certainly found it eye-opening!

You can have the best method of saving/investing, a great job/side hustle but if your mindset is a whack, these can slip from your hands real fast.

Remember, your mindset towards money is 90% of what will make you rich and stay rich.

The best book I can recommend "The Daily Stoic" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Start your financial journey with these books as a foundation.

You may be able to rent some more financial books at or you can list your own financial books too.

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