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New to, but love it already.  Broke my leg 2 months ago.  Had surgery and have been recovering ever since.  I was planning to get a CDL license before the accident happened.  I am currently unemployed and I MUST start earning income somehow.  I was thinking of getting a PT job until I can get the CDL, but my leg/foot/knee swell up when I stand on it too long.  Yes, I can kind of stand on it for balance, but I do need to use one crutch.  I do not qualify for disability.  I am a senior lady with a blue collar working history.  Most remote online jobs require the best tech/computer/device with the best internet connection.  I have a cheap Dollar General phone with a very slow internet connection in order to save money.  The jobs where I live are mostly fast food or assembly/skilled labor.  I would appreciate ANY suggestions PH readers may have for where I can earn some money until I can fully recover and get my CDL license.  I want to work.  Not get gov. benefits.  I honestly can't stand the thought of sitting at a computer all day to earn a living, but I'll consider anything until I'm back on my feet.  Thanks!

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I've had some luck using the Rat Race Rebellion website:

Also, check craigslist daily for side jobs - I usually look for online or in-person focus groups. I check out gigs and etc. jobs.

Good luck! If you need help with other expenses, you may want to reach out to United Way (call 211). They could most likely match you up with rental assistance, food assistance, and other stuff.

Good luck!

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