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I saw this fun article on Moneywise. Interesting piece that Boomers will relate to and fun for non-Boomers🙂. Mind you, I can relate to most except for changing your own oil. I was still driving a stick shift (that's what I learned to drive on, even though automatics were more popular) until 2006 when I got my Equinox. I had to drive my Trooper in for the salesman because he didn't know how to drive it.


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Fun read. Thanks for sharing! Since I'm an older millennial, I remember a time before the internet, pre-digital everything. I can do most of things on the list. My first vehicle was a stick shift, I can iron my clothes, use a dictionary, read maps, I've never used a dating site/app. I haven't properly balanced a checkbook since the 1990s though!

I remember doing all of those things.

Not all cars had seatbelts, cars, and homes did not have air conditioning. Kids walked everywhere. Cars and trucks had huge bumper jacks to change flat tires, you hoped the jack did not fall after jacking up your vehicle. 3 on the tree shifting. Push starting your vehicle (popping the clutch) to get to school or work on time.


I learned on a stick too! I was in my 30s and borrowed my ex MILs car stopped for a drink and had to call my mom cuz I thought I broke it! I couldn't get the key out or get it to start or go into park. My mom laughed and informed me you have to put it in park FIRST!

I've explained to my kids recently what a beeper was, a rotary phone, and *gasp* what a regular radio station was!! Then as young adults they asked me how to balance a checkbook, how to go grocery shopping, how to write a check and pay bills etc... Things they didn't get taught in school like we did 😶

Boy, it was fun reading everyone's comments. @Will S., you're like a post-Boomer😀. @KellyFromKeene, I stopped ironing years ago...use a steamer now and have one also for travel (should that ever happen again, LoL). Ah, @Big Lew. Talk about popping the clutch. The reason I wanted to learn on a clutch was because all my male older cousins drove stick shifts, and they liked to make their cars dance, fast switching through the gears. Ah, fun.

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