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Who here opts for generic or store-brand products over brand-name items to save money?

I know I do. Sometimes the savings are minor, like 20 cents off a can of beans, but other times, I can save over a dollar on an item by not going with the brand-name version.

Of course, there are some products I'm picky about, like my moisturizing cream. I buy the Cetaphil brand because I feel like it's the best quality for my skin, even though the store-brand version is always cheaper.

What things do you buy generic and how has it saved you money? What brand-name products earn your dollars regardless of price difference?

I'm a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder, and your comments may be included in an upcoming story!

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I have some items I’d rather have none then the store brand. Butter, not margarine and I buy a trusted brand.  Dove bar soap. The only one I use. Oil  of Olay moisturizer. Palmolive green dish soap, the scent brings me back to great memories.  But for trash bags, office supplies (except the refills for my Cross pen. I’ve used the same pen since 1978) laundry soap, cane sugar, salt, pepper store brands or non-big name label are fine. Reading the labels is critical for me because of allergies. 

I definitely try to choose store brand, at least initially. Sometimes, I can tell the difference. For example, I tried my store's brand of filters for my Brita: I could tell the difference immediately, so I switched back. That happens sometimes. Recently, I tried my store's brand of peanut butter. I'm partial to smooth Jiffy but the store's organic smooth brand was less than $2.00, around $1.18, unbelievably and was just as good if not better.

Yep, I always at least try store brand paper products, frozen foods, canned foods, etc. I tell you who has good canned vegetables: Aldi's! As with all canned goods, I rinse off the water and then use a jig of lemon juice to brighten up the flavor and of course a bit of stock and more spice if I want, and they really taste fresh like least to me and anyone who eats with me (they could be humoring me😊).

I will buy the generic brand of almost anything, mostly because I really don't have any preference for the most part.

Even some over the counter medicine I will just get the generic brand. For example, I needed to purchase some Sudafed a while back and then I saw the generic brand which was quite a bit cheaper. On the box, it even said it was Sudafed and it worked just the same.

The only thing I would say I am picky about is clothing, and specifically pants. But in this case, it is not so much the brand name I am worried about as it is how they fit me. I have found that for dress pants for work, Covington is the only brand that fits me comfortably and so I will go out of my way to buy that brand when I need them (I have only found them at Sears which closed, so I may have to search a bit next time I need them)

When you really look at products, the generic brand is usually the exact same thing, just without the name brand.

I almost always buy generic unless there is a better buy in a name brand. The name brand purchases happen often at the grocery stores with Buy One Get One Free weekly offers, so I get the better buy, which ever that would be at that time.

Medicine, always generic, when available. 

We do shop Aldis for some things but give a thumbs down to their canned pork and beans.  There is more sauce, less beans; and the last case we bought didn't have the tomato sauce base, it was some type of colorless thick something or other, so that was their p&bs last chance!  I find Aldis to be a trial and error, but we've figured out what works for us from there.  

As far a brand loyalty, the only few I can think of, as I post this, are Heinz ketchup (always thick!), Tabasco sauce (haven't been able to match the flavor of knock-offs) and shoes. I walk for exercise and I've had to spend money on brand name walking shoes, brand name arch supports and even a brand name sock....but I can walk several miles daily without foot pain.  And I love Crocs for around the house and casual wear outside the house.  I currently have 6 pairs of Crocs and have not found a good substitute yet. The shoe things are definitely mature-age related. And Tide. My partner's Mom always used Tide, so there you have THAT! LOL!

It depends. I try out everything, and land on the item with the best quality at a good price point. We were Skippy PB folk, but it rarely went on sale, so we shopped around and found a couple decent store brands. We found this excellent jam made in Egypt with real sugar for $1 a jar. I tried different dish detergents and found Dawn works the best with our water, so stock up when it's on sale. Unless we get a better deal we go with Malt O Meal cereals. So buying generic or name brand varies from item to item. 

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