I make my coffee at home as well. We seldom drink coffee out. It's ridiculous to watch my brothers and sisters spending $5 a cup when they could buy a couple of lbs of coffee for that and put that money to better use. It's crazy. Last year one of the spent over $5K on coffee from Starbucks and Dunkin'. I can't believe that. That would have bought me a better truck than what I have now. I wish I would have paid attention earlier in life and saved the money I had been spending. I'm checking World Mkt's...do you have a link? Is it sold on Amazon?  Thanks.

Thank you for the link. I'm sure I'll be using it soon.  I don't know if we still have a World Market in our area. I know there was one at one time, but when we passed where it used to be this morning on our way to the doctors office, it wasn't there. They could have moved, though. Many things here in our area do if they can get a larger space. I hate to say it, but we both forgot our coffee this morning, and in between the end of the doctors visit and visiting the pharmacy which hadn't opened yet, we stopped by a newly opened Krispy Kreme. We each had a small coffee and a glazed donut and a blueberry cake donut. Wasn't bad....Only $9.00 compared to the ones we had in Augusta years back, which would have come to over $12.00. There went our "mad money" for the week! LOL  Hope you have a great evening. Blessings.


It was EXCELLENT! And, man, was it ever piping hot! I can't get the coffee at home that hot unless I let it set on burner for a while before pouring. I don't usually use mad money on that kind of thing, but every once in a while when out and waiting for a store or a place we have to visit to open up, we'll do something like this...especially if our cups in the car are already empty.  We definitely don't and WON'T make a habit of it. The lessons learned in our younger years were sufficient. 


Coffee is my kryptonite.  I realized how much money I was spending on coffee and started drinking it at home (Whole Foods has an excellent store-brand dark roast for about $4 a can) or at work (I work in a restaurant).  Then I took the money I saved and invested it, and I plan on cashing in the fund soon to take a trip to Iceland.  I still get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop occasionally, but I take the mindset of "How long do I have to work to afford that cup of coffee?"  I find that a lot of local shops around here are cheaper than Starbucks, and I love supporting local businesses.  So yes, your coffee habit can affect your finances.

@AverageJoe  I hear you.  I usually just drink coffee at home or stop at McDonald's for my senior coffee but when I was having to get multiple multiple biopsies back last fall at UAB Hospital there was a Starbucks on the 2nd floor I would buy me one because something good had to offset the pain of those things.  But that was about 5x so now it's back to homebrew.  I did not go once when I had radiation treatment of 20 rounds. I was good and took my treatment and went straight to work.  No coffee.  It was all ice water.  Anyway, point of all this is sometimes we just have to treat ourselves.  My hats off to you though, the Krispy Kreme coffee here in Birmingham is way too hot and way too strong.  It's like drinking coffee straight from Columbia. Couldn't find anyone to drink that stuff.

I love coffee and it's not something I would give up. Now that I don't work outside the home, I stopped the Starbucks' trips I was making daily going to/from work for a hot brew and a pastry. Now, buying both certainly put a dent in the budget and fat around the middle.  Now, I make my coffee at home (and only occasionally buy it out...Starbucks, Minuti). My niece gives me a Starbucks gift card every Christmas and I use that to buy beans and the occasional hot drink. I don't drink the flavored coffees nor use cream or sugar...just straight-up roasts. Truthfully, I should never buy coffee out as I have several types of coffee makers: drip, french press, bialetti moka stovetop, percolator, nespresso. I'm completely covered in that area. I will buy coffee out when I'm meeting friends though. I love the smell of coffee brewing at home; my sister doesn't even like coffee but makes it just for the smell!

Hi There! Drinking coffee DOES not affect your finances. Buying it at a coffee shop does. If you spend, let's say $5 a day for a cup of coffee, that equals $25 a work week, and if you multiply that by 52 weeks you would have saved $1,300.00. Now, what would you have done with that extra money or savings?

Do not get me wrong, I love coffee but choose to enjoy the best at home. An occasional stray is okay, but if you are looking to increase your wealth, look at where you can cut back even if it is temporary. 

David Bach's, The Latte Factor, provides more insight on saving and spending as well as his other book, Start Late, Finish Rich!  

Although, I am not looking to become rich, I do want to be comfortable. His book has educated me to analyze my finances and what are my values. What I want and need in life and what can I do to achieve it in this life. Check it out if you can! 

Life does not end if you want to save.

So enjoy your coffee and and your occasional treat, but, review your expenses to determine what you can do without to attain your financial goals by budgeting wisely.

Good luck!












@Annette You are correct when you say that coffee DOES NOT affect your finances unless you're one of those that continually strays away and goes out to places like Starbucks and other coffee houses and pay anywhere from $3.50 to $8.00 a cup! I LOVE coffee, thus the screen name "AverageJoe".  I have relatives that stop at Starbucks and other places like that several times a day EVERY day! That's a LOT of money being spent out when they could be hoarding that cash and saving it for retirement, a vacation, or something else. My spouse and I enjoy the java at home...usually two cups in the morning and a few more in the evening if we feel we want it. Other than that, the money stays in our pockets or accounts.  I have heard of David Bach, but I haven't read any of his material. I think I'll look into it myself. Thanks for mentioning him.  Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that WE ALL have a more prosperous 2020!

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