I would appreciate suggestions on how to have a cheaper Smart Phone. Mine is costing me 100.00 or more a month. Only $13.00 of that is the monthly phone payment. Because of my location I am limited to US cellular or similar for Northeast Iowa.

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I am not sure how US Cellular works, but I do know people who use it in different parts of the States.

I personally use Cricket Wireless. They seem to have the best priced plans and the best coverage I have found. Not sure if they work in your area, but if they do, it might be worth checking out.

@Never Give Up, I have an iPhone. Once I paid it off, I haven't upgraded or anything because it works well. I am online mostly with wifi, but do a lot of driving, so I needed some data for GPS but not a ton. I just went in and told them that I needed to find a way to lower my bill or i would need to go elsewhere. I wish I could remember the details of my plan, but I don't. I could look on my bill if you want more specific info. 

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I have USCellular and I pay about 50$ month. no phone payment anymore. I need USCell as well because it seems that they have the best rural coverage and I live in NH. I had to go into the store and talk about plans to lower my bill, and it worked. 

I have been with US Cellular since 2000  with the exception of 2 years. About 5 years my husband put us on Sprint with a 2 year contract. We could not wait to get back to US Cellular. We even started marking off days on the calendar. With Sprint we had poor coverage and dropped calls in addition to higher cost. Will never leave US Cellular again. Our bill is $ 100 a month for both phones. I will cut expenses anywhere  other than my phone bill.

I use A T & T for my iPhone which is paid off, and my mom gave me for free. It's a 6, but hey it's paid off! I pay $43 a month, taxes included, since I have a pre-paid plan. Before I was paying around $75-80 a month, which was just way too much money.

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