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Has anyone had a really bad unauthorized transaction issue with Chime? If so was it ever resolved or did they just screw you out of your money?

I had my debit card stolen while incarcerated had no control nor idea and I lost $9700.00. Chime's denial to reimbursewreimburse me was based on: I didn't cancel my card, I didn't stop the direct deposit, the card used was valid, the transactions were within the vacinity of my home (45 miles away from Dallas TX) and the pin number was used at the ATM machine. 

Arbitration would cost every penny of that money and I can't get $10k in small claims court. Anybody have a grand idea? I've already done SS fraud, FDIC, consumer protection and the attorney general. I need a move... that money missing has virtually broke me and I am now homeless, without a vehicle and fighting breast cancer. 

Thanks for any and all insights.


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Thanks Jeremy,

For sure it's someone I know however I can't even get the authorities in 2 counties to care to arrest her. More so than that if I know then why not give me my money and Bancorp go after her for theft of federal funds? After all she'll be on the ATM camera footage. Bancorp only knows what chime told them and my claim was denied within 8 hrs of reporting it. I hadn't even received the paperwork for the dispute yet the transactions are unauthorized the door Katie.  I was in jail for God's sake I could not have possibly spent that money ( which is exactly what their alluding to) nor could I have possibly known what was going on.  But just an insight I can sue in small claims and Hey and I'm not trying to deny your thoughts your not the first won't be the last but this money is my retirement backpay and 3 months of payments....I worked my a## off for that money and I want it in my pocket if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your thoughts I know they are well meant


Except how do they know you didn't just give her the pin number, say "spend what you want because I will claim fraud and get it back?" Sorry, but them knowing the pin number is a BIG strike against you.

As for them stealing federal funds? No, they stole YOUR funds. Once they hit YOUR bank account they were no longer federal funds. I'm not sure what you were in jail for, but that most likely doesn't help either.

Have to see the validity of Jeremy'M's points. It makes sense Chime/Bancorp would not go after her, in their eyes the missing monies could have been taken out to support your life while you were gone.  You set yourself up. If you decide to pursue her in small claims court, you will need more than a camera shot of someone withdrawing monies, remember it is your word against the other person's who was "trying" to do you a favor. You are the one who is going to have to have evidence, direct evidence, that the transactions were not for your benefit. It was you being gracious that she took care of business while your life was on hold. You will need actual transactions of her activity while on your dime, retracing her footsteps.

How does the bank know you may not be trying to double dip? In their eyes you 2 may have been working together and trying to commit a fraud on the bank.

Best to you.

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