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Hi everyone!

In case you missed it: last week, The Penny Hoarder’s money advice columnist Dear Penny, aka Robin Hartill, CFP, and Credit Sesame partnered up on a live Q&A to answer your questions around improving your credit score and overall financial health. While the Q&A has concluded, the thread is still available for viewing and learning. Head on over to the thread to get your questions answered.

Since there were so many great questions asked in the Dear Penny live Q&A, I thought I’d share some here in case you find the answers helpful:

@diane franzen wrote in sharing that she’s 72 with money in a savings account. After years of renting, she wants a house. She asked, is this a good choice right now?

A community member asked “Can credit repair companies really improve my credit score?”

@Sarah L reyes says she’s in the process of updating her credit and removing negative information; however, she cannot find the address to send letters to her creditors. Head on over to the thread to see what our members and featured experts said.

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I hope everyone has a great week!


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