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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday!

I have some exciting news to share with you. We’re writing a book! That’s right — we announced this week that Simon & Schuster/Atria acquired the rights to The Penny Hoarder’s first book. We’re working on some really exciting things that we think you’ll really like. We’ll be sure to update you as the writing process begins, but for now, let’s cheers to the Penny Hoarder book coming to a bookstore near you!

There have been some great comments and questions this week, so let’s help each other out:

@Quencher asked “How do I start saving the little that I earn?” If you have tips on how to share on a shoestring budget, please head on over to the thread and let this community member know.

@Brigat asked members to share their experiences with the app Stash. If you have any personal experience you can share about the app, please let Brigat know so she can make an informed decision.

Here are some of the latest articles on The Penny Hoarder:

Here’s What Your Old Record Collection Is Actually Worth

Vinyl is having a moment (again), but does that mean your old records are actually worth anything? We talked to two experts who gave us the details.

Dear Penny: Should We Gift Money to Our Kid Who’s Terrible With Money?

We’ve had some conversations in the community before about how to manage personal finances and family. A Penny Hoarder reader asked Dear Penny whether or not they should give money to their kid who’s terrible with money. Tricky, tricky! Find out what Dear Penny had to say about this one.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend!

Until next week,


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Ah!  Writing a book!  Good for you!  I wish you good luck and perseverance! Always have admired authors.  I loved writing reports, essays, even notes for college.  (I didn't go to HIGH school.  The reason is in the written word.)

Wish I had had the umph to write a text book.  Now I'm retired and going senile!  Poor timing I do believe.

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