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Hi everyone,  

I wanted to kick off this announcement by letting you know that today is the final day to ask Dear Penny questions. If you missed it, The Penny Hoarder’s money advice columnist @Dear Penny, aka @Robin Hartill, CFP, has been interacting in the community all week over on the thread, Surviving 2020: A Financial Q&A. If you have a money question you’d like answered, you have until 12 p.m. ET to ask!

You all have already brought up some really great questions, so I wanted to re-share a couple here. 

@Mrs. B asked about the best method to pay back student loans. Previously, she was paying off the lowest balance loan first (snowball method). However, the lowest balance loan is not growing interest at this time. She asked, “Should I pay any extra funds  towards the loan(s) that are growing interest or continue to pay off the lowest balance first?

@esu504 shared that while he has a job, shelter and transportation are an issue. He asked Dear Penny, “Any advice for a soon to be homeless 48yr old man?” Dear Penny shared some great advice, but I’d love to see some support and advice from other community members, especially for those who have been in this situation. Now is the time to show the strength of our community. What steps would you suggested this community member take?

If you have your own money question for Dear Penny, head on over to the Surviving 2020: A Financial Q&A thread to submit your question.

With that said, here are a couple of articles from The Penny Hoarder for weekend reading:

9 Ways to Invest in Real Estate — Even if You’re No Mogul

This article was written by Robin Hartill, aka Dear Penny, herself. For those of you interested in the real estate game, this article outlines nine ways to invest in real estate.

7 Meal Prep Strategies That Will Help You Stick to Your Budget

Meal prep is often touted as a way to save money, but the reality can be far different. Try these seven strategies to help you meal prep without breaking your budget.

Finally, congrats to the member of the month @SHurley! Thanks for being such an awesome part of the community. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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