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Here's what's taking place in Community this week:

We launched a new survey: what is your financial goal for the next six months?

With half a year already in the rearview mirror, we're looking ahead and evaluating our financial goals for the next six months. Share your thoughts over on the survey and read what other members have to say!

Threads you’ll want to check out

A huge part of strong financial management isn’t actually the management of money. Sometimes it’s the management of our relationships! I really enjoyed how @Dear Penny handled this reader question: is it a dealbreaker if your partner refuses to get a job? Head on over to the thread to read what the Community thought and of course, share your opinion.

@Nicole D. started an intriguing topic asking what money habits did you develop during the pandemic and which will you keep as the world continues to open us? Check out the thread to share your thoughts.

Community Tip: How to post

Asking a question or sharing an insight is easier than ever. Click the “post” button on the top-right corner > “topic” > then select the appropriate forum and compose your topic.

Topics can range from any questions you have as it relates to money or insights/stories about what you're learning about money lately. Why should you create posts? Well maybe I'm biased, but I think some of my greatest money learns have come from the comments here. The feedback and support here is invaluable.

Welcoming our newest members!

A warm welcome to the 55 new members who joined our Community this past  week: @AB C, @Aida Ozuna, @Amjad Abdul-jawwad, @Anthony Gayton Sr., @April Wolf, @atravis53, @BARRY WAGGONER, @Celinda, @Cynthia Nickeas, @Danielle Coleman, @Darlene Fortman, @DeeVeeTee, @Delecia Ransom, @DHDH, @Emily Valdez, @Fiona Huff, @gerard ng hoi, @Gigi Hadley, @HBMichael, @James Taylor, @Jerri Horton, @Jerry Briggs, @Jewell Tate, @Johns Tyler, @JS Today, @Karis Heyne, @Kathleen Andres, @Kdubba, @Kimberly Bass, @Kimberly Ramsby, @Kitty Kat Mom, @KZ, @Lady Pierce, @Lal Jacks, @Larjon, @Linda Davenport Conine, @Lisalisa1, @M.R. G., @Mark2021, @Ms-Kenya Hill-, @P. Planer, @Parth Shastri, @Phillip Blumenthal, @Ray Chacko, @Regina M Cannon, @russell mcguire, @Secher Thambavita, @Sharita Brown, @SHARON M PENNELL, @Sharyn Lowenkamp, @Silkyleo, @TamiSU, @Vinnieg, @wendy jarvi and @Yonatan Reyes.

We're so excited you're here! Please take some time to review the new member guide and introduce yourself in our welcome thread. Look forward to seeing your first post and replies!

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