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Happy Monday, Community members! I have some very exciting news to share: @Will Simons has joined The Penny Hoarder as our new Community Marketing Manager. He will be taking the helm of this forum, helping guide conversations so we can all learn more about personal finance.

We’re so excited to have him, and we at The Penny Hoarder know he’s looking forward to meeting you all. Please welcome Will!

We did not have a Community Update last week, so here’s a look at some great posts from the last two weeks:

Also, a big welcome to the new members who have joined over the last two weeks — please introduce yourselves and let us know what you hope to learn here:

@Adam L. Kolb @Bama @Bonnie Cox @BrendaS1959 @Carli Boyer @Carol Kaplan @Chaitanya Doshi @Charles Andrews @CHyyyyyyyyy @Darlene Davidson @diana njeri @Diana Oliver @Edward León @Elohor Onecha @Eric Michael @Hailey @Harry Wilson @Humberto Rodriguez @Igor Tomljanovic @jabbar huusain @Jannelle Jones @Jennifer Coleman @Jennifer Esposito @Jolene smith @Jose Luis Gomez @Kat Hlinka @Katherine202 @Kevin Brennan @Kiki28 @LbJF @Lowell @Marge @McClelland @Melaine @Melusi Khagule @Misha John @Nadia Daouk @Reginald Harris @Robert Sandoval @sachin bhardwaj @Sally L. @sampaul9087 @Samuel Peters II @Seemee Ashraf @Sly Oliver @Tami C. @Thomas Broder @TouchSkyShweta @Valerie Evans @Vinod Nagaraj @woodchuck

Audience Development Editor at The Penny Hoarder

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