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Hello Penny Hoarders! We had another active week here on Community. That said, if you have a personal finance question or want to share some money-saving advice, don't ever hesitate to create a new Topic and let the rest of the Community chime in.

Here are a few highlights from last week:

And let's welcome our newest Community members. We're so happy to have you here. Please say hello and introduce yourselves:

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I got my free Thanksgiving meal using Ibotta at Walmart. My daughter did it too so we will have a nice meal this year. I do it every year. I love it. Got a few other freebies that were in my account too. Just wanted to share in case you didn't know about it.

@Chrissy Goff I did as well and got my wife and two of my sisters and sister-in-law to get it too. We ended up with 5 almost free turkeys and lots of extra stuff. Will be donating a couple of them but also since we are having 2 thanksgivings this year, it was really nice to get all that stuff for free. I love Ibotta!

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