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Here are highlights from last week's most active discussions on the Community site.

  • Annual inflation rose by 4.4% in September, the fastest pace in 30 years. Do you have a plan to protect your money against inflation?
  • Dear Penny is back and wants to know if you're expecting a holiday bonus this year. So far, that answer seems to be "yes."
  • What percentage of your take-home income do you spend on childcare? Our most recent survey indicates it's not much of an added cost, at least among Penny Hoarders.

Have a personal finance question that you don't see here? Start a new topic and let fellow Penny Hoarders chime in.

Last, let's welcome our newest Community members. We're so happy to have you here. Please say hello and introduce yourselves:

@Artsiom Balabanau @Lock Up Garages @DeFi Solutions Development @mena samir @Joe Kelly @Savithri Vithanage @Cbkissess333 @Fareeda Begum @Nicole Korf @Katie.Adams @Salvador Steel @Lingber Arzu @jeanne tank @Robert Bruce @RAFAEL PAIVA-PAIVA @FinallyFree11 @Kelly Laws @Luke @Preston Melle @Glennsan @QuikPlace @Dianne Angelika Isla @DrCAROL MCCALL @Jose Baez @ML @hogan @Eddy Cane @BlazingZtarrz @Claudia Busbee @Eam Danila @Leonard E. Reeves @Manoj Priyankara @Attacks on journalists @Erinn Stewart @Qusay Wagdy @Catherine Jenkins @Noel

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