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Happy Monday before Thanksgiving, Penny Hoarders! We're so thankful for everyone here sharing stories about their personal finance journeys. We have so much to learn from each other. Not only that, this community helps The Penny Hoarder further its purpose of helping people stress less about money. And if you're here just reading comments or browsing through topics, we're thankful for you, too.

Here are some highlights from last week's discussions:

Have a personal finance question that you don't see here? Start a new topic and let fellow Penny Hoarders chime in.

Last, welcome our newest Community members! Feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves:

@Mike_James @Bg Das @Prashant Sapkota @Melissa chris @Sonali Wani @Elite IAS Academy @bee r @Óscar US castro @janny @Sandra manning @Pam Ouellette @The Screaming Banshee @Ms. Tee @Polly- @Wendy Luzier @Vicki Nelson @Bish @Karra @Karl Swanson @MommyOf4 @Joy Winters @Sheri Halloran @afrooz khan @lukamba @Nikayla @matheosibuyi @Janel Austin @Ryan Schweitzer @Frank Gonzalez @Maya kumari Bohora @Aaron Kelly @Mow @watsonwalk @Shannon Peel @CJSher1 @Zara @Mizzy @Caitlin Elaine @Devin Gilson @Kshitij Bhatnagar @nirmaljit singh @Melissa Firestine @Michael Wren @Assured Home Nursing @Shivam Kumar @Expo Visa @Trapez trapez @Niki Bos @Billie Tungate @Ezekiel McDaniel @Trac Graves

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