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This week's Community Update

We have a new Community survey!

Last week, we launched a new survey: How many credit cards do you have?

It's been about a week since the survey went live, but it looks like majority of us have 4+ credit cards. I'm curious how these numbers shake out as more members take the survey. It's only one question, so head on over and take the survey!

This week's Community tip: how to use emojis!

To add an emoticon to your post or reply, click the emoticons icon (or the smiley face) in the content box and select your emoji. Go on and give it a try by replying with your favorite emoji! 🔥


This week's featured topic:

@Rick Campbell asked "Should I get a new or another user car?" I'm glad Rick started this topic because I think many of us have asked ourselves this at some point. There were some great comments left in the thread too, so head on over to check it out and share your advice with Rick.

A warm welcome to the 21 new members who joined us last week!

Please introduce yourself in the welcome thread. @Abreland6819 @Alice Hsi @Carmen Escobar @Cathy Scullion @dfvcbv112 @ebrahim @Ekwegbalu Chukwemeka Pascal @Fashion dotcom @Gary Horton @HydroGuard @James Marshall @Josephine Gray @Kristin Reimer @Leathie Marie Coleman @Linda Carthy @Michelle Simoneau @moondancer1355 @Myra Elias @Salvador Sanchez @Scott Lightner @Terri Mathis


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