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Happy August and hope everyone has had a fun-filled summer so far as we edge our way towards autumn. Things are getting busy around The Penny Hoarder, and we are working hard some new projects that will benefit our community. But that's just a tease for now – more on that in the future!

Recent highlights from The Penny Hoarder

  • We published our first Money Diary. Take an intimate look into one community member's three day spending habits. We'd love to keep rolling these out, so if you'd like to share your own (anonymous) money diary, email [email protected].
  • If you haven't already, take our recent surveys on avoiding ATM fees and whether or not a cooling market makes now a good time to buy a home.
  • Another friendly reminder for all you @Dear Penny fans that you can subscribe to our new newsletter full of fresh, exclusive Dear Penny content. If you'd like, you can sign up here.

Community Shout-outs

A huge thank you to @KellyFromKeene, @Big Lew and @irishnanny for being our three most active members in the last 30 days. You each keep our community lively and full of great conversation day in and day out!

Last, a special shout-out to new Community members who started some great new conversations recently. Welcome @Charlie07, @Michael McCarville and @wilsonfamily! Your contributions are very much appreciated and we all look forward to hearing more from you soon and often!

Will S.

Community Manager

The Penny Hoarder

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