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Tomorrow is the first day of summer and I'm feeling it where I live (Minnesota) – it's supposed to get to 100F today! Hoping everyone has some nice, relaxing plans to enjoy some sunshine and beat the heat.

On that note, The Penny Hoarder has plenty of content to help you save and make money all summer long:

New Dear Penny Newsletter

We're also super excited to share that our own @Dear Penny has a new newsletter full of fresh, exclusive content. So if you're a fan, and I know you are, sign up here.

Community Shout-outs

Kudos to @Big Lew and @irishnanny for being two most active members in the last 30 days. Our community wouldn't be such a welcoming place without the both of you!

Last, a special shout-out to new Community members who started some great new conversations in the past few weeks. Welcome @Raymond Justman, @Meerkat, @Ken J, @Liz Conner, @SimpliGarret and @Martin D. Smith – we appreciate your contributions and hope you'll stick around for awhile!

Will S.

Community Marketing Product Manager

The Penny Hoarder

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