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This week's community announcements

Introducing the new resources pages

Can I get a drum roll please? 😀 Last week, we launched the new resources page. Resources are any media type, including images, videos, audio and files. We’ll use the page to populate financial tips and how to’s in these media formats. I published the first resource, which was a graphic about 10 places for car-free vacation. Be sure to check out the page. Some of the best information is in the comments!

New topics to comment on

@JimV asked for advice on the best way to leave money to a charity. If you have some expertise in this area, please head on over to the topic to share your advice.

Does anyone have a negotiation success story to share? This thread was a little quiet though a couple members expressed they’d also love to hear some success stories too. I know someone in the Community must have successfully negotiated something. Head on over to the topic and share!

@Molly Moorhead made $31 by selling pre-owned items on Mercari. She details what she did over on the topic. If you're selling stuff online, how's your experience been? Any wisdom to share with newbies? I'd love to hear how it's going for you.

Community tip: how to complete your member profile

Having a complete member profile helps us better understand you and your financial goals. Click here to update your profile. From this section, you can add a bio, answer a few questions about your financial goals and update your avatar. For examples of excellent member profiles, check out @Dear Penny and @KellyFromKeene profiles.

Welcoming our newest members!

A warm welcome to the 31 members who joined us this past week! @Adam Kester, @Allison Calhoun, @Andrea J Sickinger, @AngelReey, @Beauty A, @Brittany S, @Cookie Still-matos, @Deborah Nan, @E.C. P_Man, @hala, @jakesman, @JessicaMC, @Katrina Ash, @kfarrelly, @Kingding9, @Laurie Wood, @Lisanette Trinidad, @lucinda mscarenas, @Maffin Ishmeal, @Mike Kulik, @Mr D..., @Nanda Kishore Das, @ScreamingFlower, @sddave, @seema1556431, @Shandoniya Mikkelsen, @Sparkle, @TIQ Worldwide, @VWeinschreider, @Yahwehskidd, @عبدالله رمضان علي. We're so excited you're here! Please take some time to review the new member guide and introduce yourself in our welcome thread. Look forward to seeing your first post and replies!

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