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My name is Janet, I am a senior editor at The Penny Hoarder and I have a confession to make. Read on.

Every time my husband suggested that we could go down to one car after he retired, I nodded my head. My gesture said, “Sure, OK, fine” but what I really meant was, “No way, are you kidding, never gonna happen.”

Within a month of his last day of work, he sold his 13-year-old car for $1,000. I guess the buyer was okay with Velcro holding up the driver-side visor and the funky smell. (Can you ever get high school offensive lineman stink out of cloth upholstery?)

But a funny thing happened on our way to being a one-car couple. Actually a couple of things, and they weren’t really that funny.

One, he didn’t need to drive much anymore because he wasn’t working. And two, I hadn’t been driving a lot since March 2020 when the pandemic hit because I was working from home. Sometimes the car sits for days now.

We got a new car in September 2020 and just over a year later, it has barely 6,000 miles on it. Obviously, we are saving on gas. And we have about $900 in our pockets, money we would be spending on car insurance for the second car.

The one thing that sold me on the idea was the realization that if this grand experiment didn’t work, we could always buy a decent used car. So far, so good. And thanks for Uber.

Has your family thought about going down to one car? Or have you actually done it? I am curious to know how the transition has gone or what would keep you from taking the plunge.

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We both work, and even though I literally walk to work across the street, I have 2 teenagers  who don't have licenses, yet. So we are still a 2 car family. But I cannot wait to get that down to 1 car. Once the kids are grown or have their own car, we could easily do one car for us. Less hassle, less expense, and he hates to drive anyway, lol. We are hoping that we can do this before his 27 year old truck dies and needs to be replaced.

We've had one car since 2016. We've managed just fine with a used car, no payments and low insurance. I do expect we will be getting a 2nd to accommodate life changes. When we do, it will absolutely be used and we will own it outright.

To us, cars are not status symbols. We just need to get from point A to point B. If ever we need another ride for a one-off, that's why Uber and Lyft exist.

We have 2 cars from when we were both working, now both retired. One is considerably older (2005, 152,000 miles, liability only ) and of course has had $ put into it over the years, it s a workhorse and we use it for around town stuff. The other car is a 2018 and we use it for trips now that we travel more. The older car keeps miles off the newer one.

Plans are to keep both up and running even though there is only 1 driver now. If circumstances change, and they do, such as a wreck, we have a backup and can decide from there. It is nice to have options.

Uber and lyft are also options, but we don't care to use them for ordinary things that we can handle at present. Yes, insurance on 2 vehicles is greater than 1, but we'd rather pay that for what we do.

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