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I just signed up for the Credit Karma Savings account that is new. I only have $10 a week being transferred in each Wednesday and I already have $30 saved that I completely forgot about. I have been a terrible saver over the years unless I am saving for a specific goal.

Anyone else trying out this new account offering? Any comments or thoughts on the program?

Thanks for your time.

Leslie Kay

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I've been "mindlessly" saving $10 per week also. Then I raised it to $20 recently, once I had a bit more wiggle room in my budget. I also took every bit of money given to me for gifts this past year and threw it into my Credit Karma account. I figure, the more I keep throwing in and allowing to accumulate while "pretending" that I never had it and then literally "forgetting" about it, the better off I will be if ever my family or I truly need it. As of right now, I've saved almost $1K since December. I really love having at least one high interest yielding savings account that isn't linked to a brick & mortar establishment so I can just have that extra peace of mind that something good is happening for me...somewhere...even amidst all of this chaos of debt payoffs & bill payments. 🙂

I have not yet attempted a withdrawal because I really just wanted to save every bit  that I could. But you're right. It should not take more than a moment to transfer a fund back to you for a withdrawal, especially since it seemingly only takes a moment (or maybe a day or so) for them to receive your funds when you make a deposit. Thank you for the advice about the higher interest rate on other accounts such as Affirm. I was using Credit Karma since that is how I've been tracking the progress of my credit score escalating due to positive changes I've made and I also use them for my taxe. So it was sort of a "one stop shop" option for me. And I enjoy that when I make a deposit at certain times each month, they automatically enroll me into their sweepstakes for the possibility of winning up to $20K. Not that I necessarily bank on the fact that I will win. But it is nice to know that I have a chance without doing anything "extra." I will be looking into mutual funds as soon as I have that kind of cash flow since that is where the real money making interest lies and may look into Affirm for a new "higher interest building" savings account and just allow my CK account to sit for a bit, untouched. But for now, I just don't have any real complaints about CK and have been happy overall with the service. I hope this helps others with their financial decisions. 🙂

I have had an account with Credit Karma for about 6 months now. YES, it takes on average 2-3 days to transfer the $$ back and forth. Because of tis issue, I opened a savings account at my local Wells-Fargo also in case I need an extra $$ quickly. For me, being a "bad saver" this type of account works because I can't necessarily impulse purchase. I'm saving for a car so this is good. The interest rate however isn't that great so I may look to another account in the future.

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