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Hi @mememe! I don't think there's anything that can guarantee that you'll get a perfect 850 score. If your score is already an 800, you clearly know a thing or two about credit, so keep doing what you're no doubt already doing: Make all your payments on time, keep your balances as low as possible, avoid closing older accounts if possible, etc.

One thing to know is that people with perfect credit scores tend to have more open credit cards compared to the average customer. But that's not a reason to open a bunch of additional cards — in fact, opening a new card often causes your score to drop, though it's usually pretty temporary.

It's a pretty cool accomplishment to be able to say that you've reached a perfect 850, but it's really just about bragging rights. You still have top-notch credit in the eyes of lenders as long as you're in the high 700s, so you're unlikely to qualify for anything that you don't already qualify for with your 800 score.

Also, would you care to share any of your tips for getting to 800 with the community? That's a pretty sweet accomplishment on its own!

An 800 credit score is certainly something to be proud of! @Dear Penny is right about the bragging points. There's no real benefit to having a 850 score vs 760. (Here's more about why that is.)

When you have a score like that, you want to focus on keeping it that way:
  • You basically need to have a ton of available credit but not utilize much of it.  Keep your monthly credit card balances below 10% of your available credit limits.
  • Continue to demonstrate a perfect payment history on different kinds of loans, like your auto and home loans.
  • Have accounts opened for a long time. Don't close credit cards that you've had opened for a long time, even if you're not using them.

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