Curious if anyone on here as homegrown flowers to cut and sell at farmer's markets or other places. If so, what type of license did you need and what price range did you charge?  I'm in Florida. Thanks.

Wen Dee

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WEN DEE I've never sold flowers before but. Before husband
and I was married we worked for a guy who sold produce.
Well he wanted to set me up on my own but beaning young
I was scared and my hubby to and we both asked the guy if
he cover my medical bills if some thing happen he told us no 
and fired my husband. The thing is the guy showed my husband
where he brought the produce from and how to clean ever thing 
up to look nice.

Well the next day we sat up right across the street from him. He wasn't
happy about it. But we was told we had to move because the guy had
that spot. So we found another place to set up.

The last spot my husband and his dad set up at was on 301 its a main 
road in Ocala Fl. You do need a permit to set up on the side of the roads.
They was there for several months but the guy down the road got my husband
and dad closed down because he was losing business. The police told them
that and even throw they had the permit they was on government  property
and closed them down.

This was over 20 years ago so the laws my have changed.

You can ask the farmers market the owner or the ones who
take the money for the spot if you need a permit or any thing.

My be the chamber of commerce could tell you to.

Even the farmers who sell there produce my be able to tell you.

Sorry this was so long I just like to share.

Hope this has helped you.

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