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I'm looking at possibly ending my cable services in a couple of months when my contract ends. I already have Netflix and also Hulu(free through my subscription with spotify). Have any of you cut the cable cord and what other services have you used to watch your TV/movies? I've heard of Sling, HBO Go, and CBS All Access but i want to make sure i choose the right service combination that cutting the cord would be worth it financially. Thoughts? 

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Growing up, my family never had cable. I still don't and don't think I probably ever will.

My wife and I have Netflix but just ended that too because we barely even use it.

We still have Amazon Prime but I split the cost with my mom so it comes in really handy and I don't have to pay much.

Most of the things I end up watching are business videos on YouTube.

My wife and I prefer to save the money on cable/streaming etc and instead spend that money on travel.

Travel can be more costly but it is something we enjoy far more than sitting on the couch and watching something.

(Also, on the occasion we want to see a new movie, we go to the theater on their $5 Tuesdays)

I have a Roku TV and an additional Roku stick on another TV...  I LOVE ROKU!!  I also have Amazon Prime, NETFLIX, and Google Fiber TV.  I don’t ever watch LIVE TV neither does my son!! Though my favorite show is THIS IS US ON NBC!!!  I just watch it on my NBC app, whenever I want to.  But the catch with the major channel apps is that I have to put in my GOOGLE FIBER ACCOUNT INFO TO BE ABLE TO USE THEM!  That is why I still have the google TV..   THE GOOGLE FIBER INTERNET IS EXTREMELY FAST AND MY SON IS A GAMER/YOUTUBE WATCHER!!  Teenagers!! Ugh  I must say I LOVE HOW FAST IT IS TOOOO!!!


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