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I assumed my insurance rates were the best or lowest I qualified for with GEICO.

Later I read that many factors including credit score and others influence this. I knew my credit score was a lot better but I ASSUMED that GEICO was aware and on top of it.

I called them out of curiosity and they had NOT updated my information in years. They submitted it for review and my auto insurance went DOWN over $300 a year.

Never assume they have your most recent information, request they check it and add any driving courses or security features to lower your rates.

Service Connected Disabled Veteran, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer, Single. Does the previous explain the latter?

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Thanks, Rick ,for the good advice, especially on the credit score. We also have GEICO bundled home and cars and are on top of all the discounts they offer. Are you aware that if you are over age 50 you qualify for a further deduction by taking the National Safety Council's defensive driving test. It dropped our insurance rate dramatically.

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