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You're busy watching a video, when suddenly an ad fills the screen. Really? So I ask myself if people are getting annoyed with video ads. Popping up while the video is playing. I suppose with proper presentation it can create curiosity. I'm just wondering how international audiences feel about video ads. 

Share your thoughts on video ads. Do you click on ads, or just close them to continue watching the video?

Deon Christie

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Call me weird but I am personally a FAN of many different types of ads. I especially like YouTube video ads! (not so much Facebook video ads though)

I personally find these advertisements a great way to stay in the loop about all the new people who are becoming influential in the internet marketing world.

Thanks to the fact that ads are so personalized these days, I am able to learn a lot about what to do and what not to do simply by watching and evaluating the ads and advertisers.

It's for this reason I refuse to subscribe to YouTube Red which removes the ads!

I don't like the interruption, but it does make me think about why they are targeting me! Also I find it good for my brain to see how much I can ignore. IMHO the advertisers are shooting themselves in the foot by causing more irritation than interest! Then again, an 8 year old boy just made $22 MILLION dollars from his YouTube channel reviewing kids toys. What a wonderful world! <g>

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