I started 2 years ago checking dumpsters of retail stores, drug stores, and dollar stores.  I got started by one day i stoped at CVS and before i left i went to throw out some stuff i had in the car.  OMG!  This is when i saw bottles unopened of shampoo,  conditioning,  cosmetics etc..  I was shocked to see all this perfectly good stuff in the trash.  So, I started checking it on a regular basis and I still do to this day.   I sell what i can, donate some to the homeless.  I have made up to $200 a day / $40 per day.  I have taken a enjoyment to it, and the excitement of wondering what i may find is a rush!!  Check it out in your area.  

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I have always been intrigued by the idea but have always been to afraid to do it simply because I have always wondered if I would get in trouble for it.

Have you ever faced any problems when checking dumpsters? What has been your best find?

I agree. I'm afraid it's illegal and though it sounds like fun, I would be too embarrassed to be dumpster dive. I saw a man dumpster diving at my local Panera Bread while I was in line to get lunch. You could tell he was down on  his luck. I suppose I'll save that for those in dire need. 

I lived in a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis for a while that had a huge dumpster in the middle of the street due to home remediation.  It was for construction debris, but lots of us used it to pitch garbage past our quota.  Every family in the neighborhood had a "I found this in the dumpster" story.  My brother Tim found a ceramic cooking dish that made heart-shaped cupcakes--saw something similar in the store a week later costing $35.  As far as best find ever, my brother Dan found a fully functional keyboard.  I personally haven't dumpster dived since college, and whether or not you get in trouble depends on the business.

DBOOTHE, I have never done any dumpster diving. But I have read articles about it. It is absolutely NOT ILLEGAL! Once the item is in an outside dumpster, the store/company has relinquished the rights to it! The item(s) is/are considered salvage. And they are available to anyone!

But the articles have stressed leaving the dumpster in the same shape that you found it. The stores may spitefully destroy the merchandise if you leave the dumpster area in a messy state.

You need to check your local laws on the dumpster diving. If it is behind a fence or enclosed you aren't allowed to get in that. It's considered private property. If it's open and your local laws don't prohibit then it is not illegal. Once a store throws things away it is no one's property at that time. Be respectful and if you can wait til store is closed then you should be ok. 

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