Last year I started budgeting for the first time. It was confusing to figure out at first, and also scary to see all those categories and spending limits. But after a few months, it became second nature to write out the budget and go through the statements at the end of the month to make sure these budgets were held in place.

When I first started with our budgets last year I found a printable budget that had some static categories (rent, groceries, travel, etc) but this year I wanted to find a resource that was easier to change and add/edit information in an ongoing way. As it happens most time during the beginning of the year, many of the finance vloggers I enjoy listening to started to share budgeting tips and resources and one in particular caught my attention because they were sharing about using an excel spreadsheet to budget for an ENTIRE YEAR.

At first I was thinking probably the same thing you are.. how am I suppose to budget for an entire year?! But actually, it's quite helpful to look ahead and project just how much you want to save or think that you'll spend in each category.

In case you want to learn more about how to budget for an entire year, here is the YouTube video from One Big Happy Life to check out:

Or if you want to jump straight to their resource you can download their resource here:

Also notice the tabs at the bottom of the excel sheet.. you can also go through and budget each month separately in more detail. It's also pre-programmed with excel formulas but feel free to change these to your liking.

I hope you find this resource as helpful as I have so far!

Happy Budgeting.

~ Heather

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@TheSugarFreeLife.  I checked out the links and very happy to have those sources.  I created my own excel sheets a few years ago, mainly for tracking where my money goes, rather than budgeting.  It was an eye opener to see how much we spend on grandkids and junk food!  I have not followed up to do anything with these links from Heather, but very grateful to her for providing other half is retiring this year and we will need to set up a budget, I'm sure.  I am a procrastinator!


I created my own excel spreadsheets.   I've found to be easy to plan for upcoming expenditures and to see the variation in some bills each month.... like gas and electric....   I have done this for several years and it's been eye opening to see how expenses for utilities have increased over the years.   


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