Anyone else had any good or bad experiences with adding that Experian Boost to your credit report. It instantly added 37 points to my credit report by adding payment history for my utilities. It only adds accounts with a good solid payment history. I was wary but so far so good.

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It is FREE on the Experian website. It will give you credit for any regular bill, such as utilities or insurance premiums, that you have paid regularly over the past 3 out of the past 5/6 months. So, anything that you pay on monthly. The amount you pay doesn't seem to affect the reporting of a positive credit transaction. The system will ONLY show items that raise your score. Then you can choose which items you want to keep reporting on.

Now it only raises your score on your Experian report but I am betting that this will eventually spread to the other credit agencies. I believe rent reporting will eventually end up reporting automatically as more places go online. I know there are a few agencies that if you pay them they will report your rent. 




I've had good and bad experiences with Experian Boost. When I initially got Experian Boost, I had a 20 to 25 point increase.

 Then, about 6 to 7 months down the line, I took a 30+ point drop because of Experian Boost. My anal bank, left me with no choice but to reset my password to my account. This directly affected my Experian Boost and my score. I had to delete the bank account and readd it with new password. To this day I still haven't gotten any score raises due to Experian Boost, despite resubmitting the utility that was originally on it, several times(3 times in 6 months).


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