Not gonna lie, the days seem to be going by faster and faster and it seems like I never have enough time to get things done.

I know I need to work a lot on my time management skills especially since next month I will be returning part time to my former job as a digital marketer for a promotional products company.


Financially, here is what happened today:


1.) Sourced a Bit More

I decided to check back in at Bed Bath & Beyond to see if they were still running their Red Dot Clearance event. They were and this time I happened upon quite a few items I did not see the last time.

I am not sure if they were there and I missed them or if they have been marking more items with the Red Dot stickers.

Anyways, I actually found some nice cookware that is selling online at pretty good prices and got it all 80% of the price tag price which most of them were also priced on clearance already.

I spent just under $100 on items that were priced at over $500 total and should bring me that much or more in profits over time!

I also picked up a TI 84 calculator from a gal on FB Marketplace for $25. I had to drive about 20 minutes to pick it up but those are easy flips on eBay and I can usually get upwards of $60 for them depending on the time of year.


2.) UberEats Delivery

I decided to log into my UberEats account for a short period around the lunch hour and I was able to get a couple orders.

I was online for 2 hours although most of the second hour I was at Bed Bath & Beyond looking up eBay comps on items.

In that time, I completed 3 deliveries and with tips I earned a total of $24.42.

Not the greatest but I am not complaining.


FUN FACT: UberEats actually offers some decent incentives for their drivers who complete a certain number of deliveries a month. These include things like free snacks, gas discounts, and even roadside assistance. They also have an incentive once you complete 1,000 deliveries with them where they actually pay for your tuition to attend Arizona State University online!


3.) Clothing Purchase

I needed to purchase a white shirt for an upcoming friend's wedding I am a part of. Since we had Kohl's cash from our beginning of the month purchase, and it was soon about to expire, we figured it would be a good idea to try and find the shirt there.

The thing I love about Kohl's is their products are already heavily discounted and they allow you to stack $ off along with % off for maximizing your savings.

I ended up getting 2 white shirts, one short sleeve and one long sleeve.

The original price of the long sleeve shirt was $45, on sale for $24.99. The short sleeve shirt was on the clearance rack for only $1.28!

After applying my wife's 30% discount and the $10 of Kohl's Cash we had, our total cost for the two shirts was only $12.23! WINNNN!


4.) Sold Another Lava Lamp

I got my 10 listings done on eBay yesterday and I am still working on mine for today.

While none of the items I have listed have sold, I did sell another one of the lava lamps I dropship. This has been a consistent seller for me and I will take the profit even if it is only a little


LESSON FROM TODAY: Time management is an important skill to have and one that I need to develop further. Everyone has 24 hrs in a day. The important thing is learning how to use that time effectively.


With that, I leave you with this quote:

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time." - Jim Rohn


Do you have any wins to share? I would love to hear from you!


Also, what are you doing to better manage your time? Any helpful tips and tricks I can learn from you would be highly appreciated!

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Original Post

Yesterday was a volunteer day at my Grands elementary school so my wins were emotional rather than financial.  I'm working one on one with a couple of students who need a little boost, so hopefully I'm contributing to their  financial future! 

I did pass up a stop at Starbucks for bonus points on a cold macchiato, it was so tempting, but that saved me about $6.


Moore Income posted:

@lismox That's a win for sure!

And that isn't a bad cut for the days you are participating. I am interested to know, how many hours a day are you required to participate?

I only need to participate 20-30 minutes per day and some of that time is spent taking pictures and recording videos. I find focus groups to be a really fun way to make extra money.

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