I really don't have a lot for today's post other than to say that overall it was a great day.

I ended up staying up until 4 in the morning today so that I could pick my wife up from the train station since she was coming back from Illinois.

Because today was Presidents Day, she didn't have to go to work (at a school) so we were able to sleep in and then just spent most of the morning relaxing.

In the afternoon and evening, I got a few chores and errands done while my wife was babysitting and then we went and had dinner with my sister which she prepared and invited us to.

Financially, I spent a little money sourcing and also purchased that calculator I mentioned I would be buying a couple posts back.

I also made one sale of an item I purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and when it's all said and done I should make about $5 profit.


I figured I would just change things up a little bit and try to keep this post short so there you have it, that was a basic summary of my day.

Things do seem to be a little slower as we near the end of the month and not too much going on financially, but sometimes it is nice to have days where there is not too much to worry about.


Do you have any WINS to share? I would love to hear about them!

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MsKimberly posted:

My win is that I got a job.  Next I need to move to a smaller apartment here.


dboothe posted:

Congratulations!! Getting a new job is exciting. New people. New challenges...and MONEY!!!

Thank you.  I will be working very hard at this job....but I think I will like it.

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