This company is on my list of companies to try out. From what I have heard, they are a pretty good company, I just don't know how much people have earned with them.

Since the entry investment is $500, it makes it a little harder for the average person to join, but I am curious as well if it is a worthy investment.

I will be sure to update you when I start using them after a while.


YES, I have joined this Co. ( Fundrise) just recently!

I started with $500.00. I'm still in the "set up" stage, but looking to add monthly to the portfolio. I will have to go through this site and see where I want my money to go. But I also hear that some are not optional and they put your money where needed. ( which is fine as long as I make money).LOL I have done this with a telecom startup too, and I'm now getting divi's up to 230 euro a month. ( working my way by re-investing all income ) to 100 euro a day, so I COULD live on that in another exotic country ! lol. ( fingers crossed). 

I try to update every end of the month when I get out my payments and add it to my balance to buy more share's!


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