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@Wen Dee I also cannot say specifically for your area but I did find this website post that might help answer your question. I cannot personally vouch for any of the info but they seem to have some good insight.

I personally have been frustrated after signing up for a local bank here in Fargo, ND. They offered a promotion but then made the "details" obscure and not very clear.

We ended up not getting anything at all and they had some sort of reason (excuse) for why we did not qualify.

I personally prefer signing up for online/mobile banks such as Chime. They gave me $50 for signing up and adding a direct deposit and they allow me to get money from lots of ATM's at many different banks.

All I can say from personal experience is that if you do decide to sign up for a local account, make sure you understand the requirements clearly so you don't end up frustrated with no bonus in the end like I did.

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