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ProxyPics is the perfect side hustle. People in different industries need up to date photos of properties. Kind of like Uber for photos; we let you know when there's a job near you and you get paid to take the photo! Get paid $3.25 for each photo you take, most assignments have more than one photo and some come with short surveys. We have clients that have work all across the country, it’s easy and free to download on Google Play or iOS.   


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lismox posted:

I downloaded the app and found only 2 jobs that weren't very close to where I lived. One was about a 45 minute drive, the other I'm not sure how far it was. It's not a very useful app for me at this point.

Hello! Thank you for downloading! We do suggest keeping your location services and notifications turned on for the app. This way you can go about your day and receive notifications of jobs near you. 

From someone that made money from ~40 sources different apps last year, I would say download the thing and try it a few times to see if you like it or not all the thru to how you get paid.  Almost all of these app-related photo gigs are very part time and locations vary.  Take a few in the beginning even if out of your way a little bit just to get the experience.  Then decide how you may want to incorporate it in your life or not and, if so, under what conditions.  Your experience will answer your questions.  By the way, I don't download everything but I usually look to see that someone has had a good experience with it and if so, I'll try it.  Your life and how you use these apps is more important than other people's opinions and realize business conditions change or have some seasonality to it.

I could give you a dog and pony show.  Some apps were worthwhile, some not as much.  However, I'll point you to the main blog that gave me the most inspiration for  what I do...  Take a look at and read carefully what the godfather of side gigs is doing.  I use alot of the same apps that financialpanther does.  Start with his Side Hustles tab but to get a better idea of what all he's doing, read thru some of the recent monthly blog reports on his side hustle earnings.  He's tracked his earnings for quite a while - it's all there.

However, I keep my eyes open and I've gotten a few of my app ideas here on this site and one or two on Craigslist and other places.  

OlderRetiredGuy posted:

Take a look at and read carefully what the godfather of side gigs is doing.  I use alot of the same apps that financialpanther does. 

Just signed up for eletters over at!  I think I could read on his blog for a couple of hours!! Thanks for the tip!


I only interact with at his website and blog - that was where I was really where I was referring you to.  I've never looked at his Facebook presence as I don't do Facebook either. 

If you are really interested in this side gig space, then I think FinancialPanther is a really good place to mine some nuggets.  If it is too much for you, I would strongly suggest mining one area at a time instead of trying to take it in all at once which is basically what I did.  I don't have the bandwidth to be trying 10 things at once either - I would fail at all of it.  I pick the next thing or two that I'm interested in and try them.  Then I repeat the process.  So for example, get on his website, select Side Hustles at the top.  Pick one topic box near the top and explore.  I personally tell my friends to start with "Receipt Apps" because everyone can make money from receipts because we all buy things in our lives.  The money is small but you can pay for several Christmas gifts each year using the recommended receipt apps regularly.  It is very easy once you start a habit to keep your receipts and scan them everyday or every other day or so.

Maybe more important than any individual money making app, is the philosophy that I learned that FinancialPanther operates under - do the apps that you like, that make sense AND tie in fairly well with the life you live already and may enjoy - i.e. monetize what you already do.  As an example, FinancialPanther loves dogs and has one dog.  He watches dogs through Rover to watch other dogs.  He figures I already take care of one dog, if he watches another dog here and there, the incremental effort is relatively small.

The gig space is pretty wide and there are lots of things you can do.  So think of it like a buffet and pick up the ones that look promising to you based on your criteria, not anyone else's.

I hope this helps you a little Redcatcec!

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