Happy Friday Penny Hoarders!

Today we're releasing a new survey feature and we've just asked our first question... it has to do with finding $100. Go on, check it out! And submit your response.

This question was a little tricky for me, so I can't wait to see what all of you choose! 

There are a few places you can find it -- 

If you're on desktop, you can see it under Trending, and on the right hand side under the Welcome!

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Stay tuned for more surveys to come. You can find new ones under the Survey tab next to Activity. 

I enjoy reading up on building communities, LOTR marathons, ocean conservation efforts (such as volunteering), and playing with my puppy Thor. 

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Same thing I do with every extra $100. Gas/Groceries/Girls.  In no specific order or amount. My oldest daughter is 14 and my youngest is 10. They both have healthy appetites and are extremely social. Often, they are either out with friends or have friends over. I spend most of my time driving all of them from A to B, B to C and then back again. 

An interesting question indeed! One cannot, upon finding a $100 dollar bill on the ground, shout out, "Did anyone drop this?"  Because everyone is going to say yes.

So, bearing in mind I am debt free, live on 50% of my NET income and am completing my 6 month emergency fund with the remaining income...hmm...I would have to say I'd call the point of contact at my local homeless shelter and ask what they need the most for the folks they are housing and feeding.

Then I would use that $100 I found, add $100 of my own money and get as much of the items they need and drop it off the next day. And unlike many do these days, I wouldn't post about it on Facebook. I'd just do it and be happy I made that choice.

Stay thrifty, my friends!  Feel free to check out my personal finance blog at www.fightforfinancialindependence.com

Rob Loftus

If I found 100.00 I would give 20.00 each to a child in need I see at grocery stores and they could do what they want with it I would love to see there face. I like to also put a note in a 5.00 bill if you could use this keep it if not put it for the next person I leave it like in a public restroom.


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